During this second project with Bloomsbury Beginnings the main goal was to create a New Members Area for users to extend activity from face-to-face events to a scalable online resource, while redesigning key pages of the current website for a mobile app experience. On this occasion I was working in the UI team integrating the previous UX research and knowledge to have a full understanding of the new requirements.
​​​​​​​User persona & User Journey
User Journey included customer's expectations and feelings from the beginning of the course until the end, keeping into account next follow up meetings. 
New Members Area development
Branding and final prototype
Working with Material design icons and structure the feeling is minimal but functional to allow easy and immediate interaction to the user.
The new logo needed to incorporate all about Bloomsbury Beginnings: rebranding meant reanalyse the existing one and the previous design. Circularity, repetition and an enclosed space with a bond with natural elements brought us towards the chosen one: simple and minimal but with the capacity to stand out.

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