Working with eGen, provider of electric scooters and mopeds. Main goal was to create a responsive eCommerce across desktop and mobile devices to increase sales conversions, evolving the brand identity and tone of voice within the user experience design. Final aim was to communicate effectively to the audience a new transport that was reliable from a sustainable point of view and economical at the same time. On this occasion, I was working in the UI team together with the UX.
User Persona and wireframes
User Persona was based on a combination of research and surveys from the UX team. This helped us developing an accurate MVP for the final target audience
From the user-centred point of view, I focused on developing the final landing page that was integrated with a support feature and a "Perfect ride" section to help the user identify the best transport for their needs.
UI Research and final prototype
The main challenge was to rearrange the content for a core experience of the user: we needed to reconsider image size, icons presence and how to present visually an eCommerce payment on mobile without it being overwhelming for the user.

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